Changing a Facebook profile picture for a cause is the kind of thing I never do, but I went all red today. Here’s why: 

We are near a cultural tipping point, but we’re not quite at it yet. There are still plenty of kids (and plenty of adults) who still have to put up with plenty of bullshit about their sexual orientation, who still have to spend some of the short time they get in their one life wondering whether they are abominations before nature. Anyone who follows me probably knows where I stand on this issue, but so what. I don’t mind being just another drop in this glorious red river of love today.

I’m aware I’m not affecting the actual Supreme Court decision. I know that the Justices are not checking their walls and ruling accordingly. (I do wish Clarence Thomas would stop asking me to play ChefVille. Not gonna happen.) 

If something like this had happened when I was a kid, it would have made my day. If one person I knew had expressed the opinion that I was a human being who deserved respect- whether it was by wearing a shirt, or hanging a sign, or using the word gay even one time in a way that was neither derogatory nor pitying- the teenaged me would have been overwhelmed. 

I know this because a lot of people are doing this simple, corny thing today, and the 42-year-old me is

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    I don’t like the omg-let’s-start-a-secret-club mentality because how are you supposed to help spread awareness if no one...
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    Well put Mr. Dave Holmes.
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    Maybe, but the people who are doing it on my FB wall at least are well known for being vocal about having liberal views...
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    This is a good point, especially the silent support for kids in high school. (Although I was too lazy to change my...
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